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Hi thur bloggers long time no see. I've been & still busy working stuffs & studying for my last exams this year. well I assume & hope so. Along that way there're some things i've achieved such as this one. Don't mind the title I'm just bored. straight to the point, i have myself (the face, fortunately) on a magazine called Wonder Teen!

so you're kind of superteen or what, idjit?

...well apparently i am. LOL just kidding no I'm not. I'm just a guy whose writings got published from a blog-kindof- by a publisher whose their worker is one of my family members, my auntie. SAY HELL0W to auntie Yona folks! or maybe, Yawn-A :D just kidding auntie don't kill me.

and ANYWAY presuming a lot of you won't reading this kind of shid well lemme give you the proof :--D

Here's the cover. It is July Edition for IDR 22K 

My rubric page 132 & 133, if y'all remember about my post of "It's a dream come true" you shall remember this stuff. Oh yea bytheway pictures are in my facebook, if you're interested :)

the third page aka 134. Don't mind the other page after, this magazine aims young girls / teens which is familiar of pink stuffs and koreans or fashions.

and no i'm not a young girl...............they were searching about another one for their travel notes rubric, and i suppose they want a guy; as my knowledge before this there're girls filling this rubric :)

have a nice day have a nice week have a nice life!

there's alot of dreams shall to be come true!

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