Hi folks. Long time no see! Sorry for the late post. It's been days from my last update. Yea life iz buzie und hectic at the same time. However, I'm eager to tell u guys that I've finished senior high! Belom resmi sih, tp selesai UN means freedom! Hamdalah juga gw udh diterima di 2 universitas design luar negri, Lasalle College of the Arts Singapore dan Ontario College of Art & Design Canada. Insyaallah sih ke Canada, doain aja mantep hati dan jasmaninya.

Ok next. I'm not attending any bimbel, so I have plenty of time to do what I really love to do. Sketchin, wall drawin, paintin, dancin around when nobody's watchin, gym-in, eatin, drinkin and sleepin. YEAMEN LIFE IZ GOOD when you don't overthink life.

Get ready for my next updates!

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